UFC 191: Johnson vs Dodson 2 - Extended Preview

Added on Aug 25, 2015 From UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

The biggest flyweight fight in the world will be heading to Las Vegas as Demetrious Johnson defends his strap for the seventh time against John Dodson in the main event of UFC 191. The bout is a rematch of a razor-thin unanimous decision in favor of Johnson to retain his title. Now, a little more than 2 years later, they will meet again to settle the score and determine who the true flyweight king is. Plus, top heavyweight contenders Andrei Arlovski and Frank Mir with battle it out in the Octagon to see who will continue to climb the division ranks.

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John Bunkoski Says:

Jun 23, 2018 - Dj why you running from TJ .? Cause he knows TJ will win !

Bobby Fischer Says:

Jun 12, 2018 - I prefer girls to these little people.

Ryne Agheilim Says:

Jun 6, 2018 - There was a fight poster that I saw at a random bar. At first glance I thought it was CM Punk vs Demetrious Johnson, but it was Mike Jackson xD

DJ and MJ looked alike on that poster

forhad karim Says:

Apr 1, 2018 - Mighty mouse fights whimps

Mario Hernandez Says:

Mar 24, 2018 - jhonson will beat you ass this time fucking mouse I hate you punck

Артем Шевченко Says:

Mar 21, 2018 - Megamind

natän Guerrä Says:

Feb 28, 2018 - John Dodson e muito bom mano , queria uma revanche dele contra TJ

August Heart Says:

Jan 31, 2018 - 125 pounds LMAOOO I believe I was in middle school when I was 125 pounds 😂😂 I’m 200 pounds now & 6 feet 2 inches tall now 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

August Heart Says:

Jan 31, 2018 - Hobbits fighting LMAOOO

The '95 CA Barber Yadadda?! Says:

Oct 12, 2017 - Dodson should have been more patient. He had the GOAT on bambi legs.