Violent Confrontation On Montebello City Bus

Added on Apr 11, 2018 From CBS Los Angeles

A violent confrontation on a city bus today in Montebello. The trouble started when a passenger in a wheelchair asked another man for some space so he could get off the bus. Dave Lopez reports.

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Israel Ascencion Says:

Apr 24, 2018 - See what society turns into with Democrats in charge .....

51516 Says:

Apr 21, 2018 - Hmm...maybe it's time to reevaluate my dream of one day riding a bus through East L.A.

Omar Cruz Says:

Apr 15, 2018 - EAST LA Baby..
La Mara 13 Fuck That Foo
In the Wheelchair Homie..

pier 1 Says:

Apr 14, 2018 - It completely sickens me to see the police taken 20 minutes to arrive.  It sounds like the caller didn't act panic enough to the 911 dispatch to make her get the police there a lot sooner.  Loose faith in the police department.  Looks like a lot of the time the police just don't care!!

Texflix Says:

Apr 14, 2018 - Cops took 20 minutes to show up on an assault of someone in a wheelchair? And, people think carrying a weapon is acceptable?

Martin Brault Says:

Apr 14, 2018 - Something sinister about that corner that causes Latinos to do crazy things. Perhaps it's possessed by the ghost of Poncho Villa.

han solo Says:

Apr 14, 2018 - When seconds matter police come in minutes

gurrojos Says:

Apr 14, 2018 - lol this video is great

Di Ci Says:

Apr 13, 2018 - same thing happened a while ago in another bus, old lady had a small cart or walker and didnt want to move it. So the wheelchair guy hit it as he went in and the lady got mad and they started fighting(with words). the bus driver calmed it down at the end.

Chris Fernandez Says:

Apr 13, 2018 - don't want people to touch you ??? then don't sit on public transport princess !!!!!!!