Boxer Begs Referee to "Stop the F*cking Fight!"

Added on Oct 22, 2015 From Complex News

Late last week, heavyweight boxer Willis Meehan took on fellow heavyweight Leamy Tato in a match at The Trusts Arena in New Zealand that probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Tato was clearly outclassed during the fight from the start and, by the end of the second round, it was pretty obvious that Tato had absolutely no business being in the same ring with Meehan. To his credit, Tato—who, strangely, goes by the nickname "Tyson"—didn’t get knocked out but, at one point, his blood was splattering everywhere and some of it even landed on the camera lens capturing the fight. Yuck.

Despite this, the match’s referee refused to stop the fight for some reason, even as Meehan landed shot after shot after shot after shot after shot on Tato. It got to be so bad that, towards the middle of the second round, Meehan turned to the ref and yelled, “Stop the fucking fight!” in his face. The ref did, but he definitely did it wayyyyy too late.

You have to give Meehan a lot of credit here. Most boxers would have continued to punch Tato until he eventually gave up and went down. Check out the end of the fight in the clip above. So crazy.

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King Tony_Da Great Says:

Feb 28, 2018 - Malone black should've stopped the fight.

Shaynel Ahmed Says:

Jan 17, 2018 - Good man!

Jimmy Says:

Nov 14, 2017 - Give this a like if you are keen on sloppy joes:)

Ray Wall Says:

Sep 2, 2017 - That's me vs my meat 😤

upplsuckimcool16 Says:

Aug 29, 2017 - Whoever that guy was he is my new hero.... for the next 5 minutes until I forget all abotu this anyway... but still that was AWESOME..... I LVOE to see that.

Kevin Garcia Says:

Aug 10, 2017 - Why is this in my recommended 2 years later

elevro Says:

Aug 7, 2017 - Wrong. He went for the ko, didn't get it, and attempted to save face while ref was stopping it regardless.

Black Dynamite Says:

Aug 5, 2017 - If I was the dude with the ponytail first thing I would have done thanked my opponent, flipped off the ref, kicked my trainer in the nuts for not throwing in the towel n not training me up & then went to the barber cause that's the only person I want to catch a fade from

Testa Nera Says:

Aug 4, 2017 - the ref said stop before the guy ... the guy just said stop the fucking fight after the ref already stopped it... stupid click bait vid and comments

robin212212 Says:

Aug 2, 2017 - should have gone for the liver/body shots; get him out without doing as much damage.