Driver Arrested After Road Rage Incident In Fitchburg

Added on May 11, 2017 From CBS Boston

A driver was arrested after a road rage incident that was caught on camera in Fitchburg. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

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braveheartbob Says:

Aug 13, 2018 - i see he got his best pants on too, Bruins pajamas for such an important appearance. Love that he claims innocence in the face of video footage, just when i thought he couldnt be any dumber. I bet he never graduated high school, just a hunch.

braveheartbob Says:

Aug 13, 2018 - toyical pick-up driver. selfish, ignorant and totally backwards hick. surprised he had so many teeth!!

alex seioo Says:

Aug 2, 2018 - He is innocent of having a brain.

Keith Sage Says:

Aug 2, 2018 - Well? Did he go tho court?

Patrick Jones Says:

Jul 2, 2018 - I’m innocent (of road rage)! Stomps off. Slams door. Temper tantrum continues at home.

Anne C Says:

Jul 1, 2018 - I think "Bitchburg' would be a better description to help describe this road rage.


Jun 30, 2018 - What was wrong with people you know people losing their minds I mean with road rage and people that's going into business and shooting people and stuff this madness going on every day in the United States we need to ban all guns nobody should be able to earn to own a gun if it wasn't for the NRA we wouldn't have this problem and we could put a ban on guns and that would solve the problem right there nobody but the police your own a gun

PJMontoya Says:

Jun 27, 2018 - I’m innocent! I believe it...

Avion Mech Says:

Jun 26, 2018 - ASS WIPE LOSER

mocking intercessor Says:

Jun 25, 2018 - It's simple - people caught doing this permanently lose a license to drive and can never own a gun. They're the people who can't behave, and so lose their rights.