Top 10 Strongest And Best MMA Fighters In The World 2017

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Top 10 Mightiest And Strongest MMA Fighters In The World 2017 |


To all those who have a thing for fights, attention please. We are unveiling the mightiest fighters from MMA that might be of interest to you. And for those of you, who have no interest in combat sports whatsoever, stay tuned with us for the video and you are sure to develop interest in the sport! These beasts have little chance to not attract your attention so fasten your seat belts as we jet off to another world inside the octagon!

Number 10. Antonio Silva
Number 9. Brock Lesnar
Number 8. Mariusz Pudzianowski
Number 7. Alexandru Lungu
Number 6. Choi Hong-man
Number 5. Bob Sapp
Number 4. Giant Silva
Number 3. Stefan Struve
Number 2. Eric Esch
Number 1. Emmanuel Yarbrough

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Cherz zz Says:

Aug 18, 2017 - Strength means the ability to lift heavy objects and then brock would be no 1