5 CRAZIEST Insects Fights Caught On Camera

Added on Jul 2, 2017 From Real Bizarre

5 Epic Insect Battles Of All Times
Mantis VS Centipedes
Giant Hornet VS Scorpion
Hornet VS Tarantula
Spider VS Scorpion
Scorpion VS Camel Spider

5 CRAZIEST Insects Fights (pert II) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtbE4vvTEbo

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Real Bizarre Says:

Jul 2, 2017 - Hi friends.Thanks for watching!

Xavier Moline Says:

Jul 19, 2018 - Cool

Muhammed Malik Says:

Jul 16, 2018 - Damn nature you scary!

luvautumun 10 Says:

Jul 13, 2018 - Do black window vs Brown widow

Blair Ryder Says:

Jul 13, 2018 - The voice sounds like a slightly stupid serial killer

Jamie Banner Says:

Jul 12, 2018 - Actually I think Dragonflies can kill Asian hornets too... there's a couple of videos on YouTube. let's not forget there's lots of insects that have thought to have been extinct in East Asia. But get rediscovered... The Megachile pluto Bee for example bigger than giant asian Hornets. Dobsonfly can grow up to eight and a half a inches? Pretty sure that could kill an Asian hornet.

aaron arroyo Says:

Jul 11, 2018 - This dude rips off other programs and just adds his own stupid voice!!!! Copyright con artist

NullHazard7 Says:

Jul 10, 2018 - I'm still wondering what crazy nutcase would even consider holding a hornet. I hate wasps, and hornets scare the jeepers out of me.

Anna Banana Says:

Jul 9, 2018 - You just took other videos. I mean really every single one.

Will Goetz Says:

Jul 8, 2018 - I'm pretty sure Satan created scorpions.