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State Athletic Commission: http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/

Hi my name is Fred Mergen and I'm at Mergen Mixed Martial Arts and I'm going to talk about the MMA rules and regulations.

If you have any questions or comments about any of the rules or regulations leave a comment below and maybe in the future we'll use it as a topic.

What are MMA rules and regulations? MMA rules and regulations are set in place to keep the fighter safe.

Pro rules and regulations will probably be the same state by state they may vary or have slight variations but they'll mostly be the same.

All fights in the pros are 5 minutes long, the rounds are 5 minutes long with one minute in between. If you are not fighting for a title fight, it's 3 rounds, if you are fighting for a title fight it's 5 rounds.

In the amateurs that is kinda of like where they step back a little bit to keep the fighters safe because they don't get paid to fight yet. In the MMA rules and regulations you need 5 amateur fights to get to a pro level.

Once you go to a pro level, it wipes your record clean and you start all over again. Like I tell my fighters, don't worry about your amateur record it doesn't matter. Once you go pro it's wiped clean, just kinda like you turn 18 and you get a fresh start. That's when it matters.

In the pros, you can elbow the head, you can elbow the body, in Florida, in the amateurs you can't do any of that there's no elbows at all. They'll give you a warning and then maybe disqualify you or take a point and then disqualify you. So it depends on the severity so if you did it on purpose and the referee warned you and you keep doing it they'll disqualify you. That's something you don't want to have happen because then you get that bad reputation everywhere.

In the pros you can knee the face, knee the body. In the amateurs in Florida there are only knees to the body, no knees to the head.

If you don't have 3 fights you can't do ground and pound in Florida. If you have 3 fights you can do ground and pound in the amateurs in Florida. So that is some of the different variations in the the rules and regulations for the amateurs and pros.

In Mississippi in the amateurs you don't have to wear shin guards, and you can ground and pound no matter how many fights you have. Here in Florida it's different. It doesn't matter how many fights you have as an amateur you have to have shin guards. You can only do ground and pound after 3 fights in Florida. If you don't have 3 fights, you can't ground and pound.

Where to find the MMA rules and regulations for your state that's very easy. Go to the state athletic commission, we have a link just below me for the Florida state commission and you can find all the rules for amateurs, pros, and the difference in between.

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