Ronda Rousey vs. Andy Lassner

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Ronda showed Ellen her MMA skills, with help from a very special “volunteer”! Watch her teach Andy some new moves, like the “Don’t Get Up Yet.”

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Mariel Cornidez Says:

Jul 17, 2018 - I did a whole report for school on Ronda Rousey

Authentic Shmee160 Says:

Jul 14, 2018 - No one messes with a Olympic gold medalist

Marc Towers Says:

Jul 12, 2018 - Las mujeres son más fuertes que los hombres.

Viva Ellen Gracias por este gran video y alguien podría subtitular tu pograma esperó que veas mi comentario. Te quiero Ellen

clifford bevis Says:

Jul 2, 2018 - 1 lucky guy

Kimberly Kugler Says:

Jul 1, 2018 - Andy, remember when you go to the zoo and the warning sign says don't poke the bear? Think about that next time when you want to poke a professional athlete like Ronda Rousey! Remember, don't poke the bear! Don't poke the bear

hany السوالمى ابوسالم Says:

Jun 28, 2018 - عسل

Emran Alom Says:

Jun 26, 2018 - ronda is real fighter in wwe

Jay O Says:

Jun 24, 2018 - My last name is lasseter

CassiTheNerd Says:

Jun 23, 2018 - This was really hot.

Jaat Boy Jaat Says:

Jun 20, 2018 - Ronda is so dangerous and she is one of the best fighter of wwe