SchoolBoy vs MMA Fighter more 15kg.

Added on Aug 11, 2016 From STRELKA Street Fight Championship

Crazy fight guy 15 years old, who come in the Sand ring versus Guy 32 years and more 15 kg.

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bl003syy ¿¡ Says:

Jul 7, 2018 - wdadaw

sergej Eichwald Says:

Jun 22, 2018 - Красава пацанчик👍👍👍

yosuf sadaat Says:

Apr 7, 2018 - 😂😂😂😂😂😂

jeremiah Jones Says:

Mar 5, 2018 - Wtf was that special Olympics

Daniel Andrews Says:

Oct 19, 2017 - neither belongs in a ring fighting.

Dets Gaming Says:

Oct 9, 2017 - What a little cunt, kicked during touching gloves, that's just a dick move asshole

Classic Agar Says:

Aug 25, 2017 - I wonder what there parents would say

Fucking Stuntman! Says:

Aug 17, 2017 - Awful foot-work

Paweł Matukiewicz Says:

Jul 20, 2017 - Pussy fight? xD They fight how a 5 years kid

Sotiris Gaming Says:

Jun 6, 2017 - I think if someone is taller he has advantage