GirlFight: inVite Trailer - Girl vs girl fights to the death FULL MOVIE TRAILER - banned grrl power

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To prove she's the best and eliminate her competition, sinister fatal femme Rachel challenges five of the world's best bad-ass and cutest female fighters and aspiring models to a brutal underground death fight massacre kill-a-thon inside a barbaric, forbidding steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire where the winner will earn her spot in another tournament, Girlfight: Model Kombat, featuring more blood-soaked and sweat-drenched gladiatorial fights to the death landing the ruthless and merciless survivor a multi-million-dollar contract with an international modeling agency! It's a brutal bloodbath slaughter where many girls will enter the diabolical and sinister structure of demented pain and punishment waiting to tear away at their flesh but ultimately only one gets out alive from all the inexplicable shock-value-added morbid madness and extreme mayhem! Inspired by true events!


Dedicated to The Brave Men and Women who Serve our Country!
GirlFight: Model Kombat is Proud to Support our Troops!

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AKA: Le combat de ma fille, Dziewczynskie porachunki, golpes de mujer, Боксьорката, Boa de Briga, La pugiliste, Auf eigene Faust, A bunyós csaj, Zbuntowana, Женский бой, pelea de mujeres, une bataille entre filles, 女の子の戦い, On'nanoko no tatakai, مشاجرة فتيات, mushajarat futtayat, Mädchen kämpfen, meiden gevecht, grrl power, girls fight, girl fights

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c nc Says:

Sep 26, 2017 - It's fake lol???

panos tsakas Says:

May 27, 2016 - Very nice!! I am waiting for it. I hope we see some face stomping kill.