How to Prepare for an MMA Fight? - Fred Mergen

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Hi my name is Fred Mergen from Mergen Mixed Martial Arts and I'm going to talk about how to prepare for an MMA fight.

When you prepare for an MMA fight it's really important that your conditioning is up. Do a lot of mitt work, do a lot of kicking, if you're fighting somebody who is a ground fighter, a lot of ground defense. A lot of take down defense. If you are fighting somebody who is a stand up artist, then do a lot of take down work, work on taking them down. And don't forget your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Submissions, how to roll somebody who gets you in a submission, counter submissions. There's a lot to just preparing for an MMA fight, not just they let's put some gloves on and get into the ring.

You're going to need a lot of sparring time. Like I said, conditioning, running, a lot of burpies, pushups, squats, you want to make sure that you're prepared physically.

A lot of fighters think they are prepared and the moment that they get in after the first round their gas tank is empty. So you definitely have to work your conditioning.

The conditioning I recommend for preparing for an MMA fight would be a lot of burpies, a lot of up and down exercises. Because if you think about it if you're fighting and MMA fight and the guy is a wrestler or a Jiu Jitsu guy, the guy is going to try to take you down. So you have got to fight the take downs.

I would spend a lot of time having a partner just shoot in you, fight the take down and spar a little bit. Do a lot of bag work. What I do with my guys is I hang bags up and they do five minutes on the bag, take a minute rest, rotate and then the next bag, and then we put a couple dummies on the ground and then they take a break for one minute and then work on ground and pound, and then they get back up and as soon as the five five minute rounds are up we throw on some gear and fight. Five minutes of sparring, five minutes then fight minutes of ground fighting, five minutes of sparring and then five minutes of ground fighting. Then they'll do five minutes of ground fighting AND sparring. So we've kinda mixed everything in for the conditioning to get ready for the fight.

Something to boost your energy level: a lot of sleep, rest. You don't want to work out up until an hour before you fight. I'm a little bit different than most coaches I like to think that Iike to give guys at least a day or two off before the fight, just to gather their thoughts and prepare themselves and motivate themselves.

I feel that if you're not ready two days before the fight there's no way you're going to be ready. It's all before the fight, then it comes up to the fight and then you get in there and fight.

I would NOT have an energy drink before you fight. What happens is, energy drinks gets your heartbeat, it raises your heart beat. You get that heartbeat pumping nice and fast and then you tack adrenaline, excitement, nervousness, everything onto that and it's going to boost that heartbeat a lot more and you'll be pretty susceptible for a heart attack.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and if you want some more tips on conditioning click the link below.

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Dec 8, 2017 - I have my fight day after tomorrow and am seeing this video now , am dead 😆

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May 27, 2015 - GREAT info! I'm going into my first Ammy MMA fight and this helped a lot!